Executive Team

Dave McMillan

Dave McMillan

Dave has been with Vard Marine for over 25 years, operating as the President since 2004. Dave has been integral in pushing into new markets, expanding to Houston and Ottawa, and partnering up to develop some of the most innovative, cutting-edge, concepts in the industry. His capacity to understand and be connected with multiple markets under the marine industry umbrella is one of his greatest assets. When asked where he sees the company going in the next 5-10 years Dave said, “with over 50 of our ships delivered in the last 10 years, and the development of new technology, I can only imagine those numbers growing considerably.”



Mark Cook
Vice President
Vancouver Operations

Mark’s ability to transition between disciplines is one of his best attributes when it comes to managing the entire Vancouver office. He is constantly looking for opportunities to develop individuals to be more than a typical engineer, but to look at projects and challenges from a new perspective to find a reasonable solution. Developing a great reputation happens from the bottom up, but to maintain it Mark believes, “reputation is not necessarily about being perfect, it’s about doing the right thing and keeping our customers satisfied at the end of the day.”




Andrew Kendrick Vard Marine

Andrew Kendrick
Vice President
Ottawa Operations

Andrew Kendrick is the Vice President of Operations for Vard Marine at the Ottawa branch. He is a well-recognized figure in the marine industry and brings with him experiences from all corners of the marine and offshore industry in both the public and private sectors. He is a leading figure in the design and operation of vessels and structures in Arctic regions of the world and was involved in the harmonization of the international requirements for polar class ships at IMO and under the IACS Unified Requirements. He has also been instrumental in the development and implementation of a wide range of maritime environmental and safety standards in Canada and internationally. He has worked extensively for the Canadian, US and UK Royal Navy in ship design, logistics and program management roles.



Darren Truelock, Vice President Houston

Darren Truelock
Vice President
Houston Operations

Darren’s strong background in project management, structural design and regulatory knowledge for Naval & Commercial Programs combined with his drive and passion to succeed has been invaluable to the company since he started in 2014. Having served as Technical Manager in the Houston office and Managing Principal Engineer at the American Bureau of Shipping (“ABS”) prior to that, he has developed a versatile skill set that has prepared him well for his current role as Vice President of Houston operations. He has excelled in managing programs, providing client support and satisfaction, and demonstrating technical expertise within the field. With outstanding mentors, who always overemphasized the need to nurture a positive working environment consisting of intelligent and supportive staff, Darren is determined to build upon our established, well-respected Houston office in addition to further solidifying the relationships of existing and new clientele in the years to come.




Wade Carson Vard Marine

Wade Carson
Vice President
Business Development

Wade’s technical background is in Naval Architecture, but it is clear that his greatest contributions to the company will come from his passion for business development. After working at Vard Marine for almost a decade as an engineer, Wade has gained a wealth of knowledge in customer relations and business strategies from his time overseas working with our sister company. Since returning in 2012, he has helped define the company’s vision both from a technical and business development point of view.