CSS- Compact Semi Submersible

Type:Compact Semi-Submersible
Class:Offshore Oil & Gas

The Compact Semi-Submersible (CSS) concept has been developed by STX Marine, in partnership with Hallin Marine to capture the capabilities and low-motion behaviour of a semi-submersible vessel in the smallest form feasible, giving an industry-leading design in terms of operability. The CSS Derwent’s primary functios will be well-intervention, well-stimulation, and subsea installations. The Derwent brings the superior seakeeping and operability of the CSS design to the light well intervention and subsea service roles.  Design features include:

  • Working deck area of 1300 m2, with 1500 T deck cargo capacity.
  • 160 T heave-compensated Module Handling System, deploying subsea equipment through a 7.5m x 7.8m work moonpool.
  • 150 T heave compensated offshore crane
  • Moonpool and side-launch work-class ROV systems
  • DP-3 and DP-2 capability
  • Accommodation for 42 crew and 110 client personnel