VARD 3 380

Type:Construction Vessel
Class:Offshore Service Vessel
Design:VARD 3 380

The VARD 3 380 design was first developed in 2012, and is now under redesign due to increased interest for ultra- deepwater multi-purpose light construction service. Currently, the design is 377’ L and fitted with a 250 ton crane, 24’ x 24’ moon pool, and a compliment of 125 people. Redesign will incorporate lengthening the vessel by 20’, the use of 500 ton and 250 ton cranes, and a compliment of 150 people. Compliance with the ILO MLC and the SPS Code will also be part of the design effort. In addition, we will be blending some of the features from our Vard 3 17 and Vard 3 03 North Sea designs.