VARD 9 201

Type:Light Icebreaker
Class:Multi-Role Patrol
Design:VARD 9 201

The VARD 9 201 is a flexible and capable vessel that exhibits exceptional seakeeping performance and assured mission delivery in a wide range of challenging environmental conditions. This multi-role vessel addresses a unique combination of operational requirements typically seen in a number of classes of specialized vessels combined into one new class.

The mission set for the VARD 9 201 includes:

  • Aids to navigation (AtoN) and waterways management
  • Icebreaking
  • Search and rescue (SAR)
  • Environmental response
  • Supporting hydrographic survey operations
  • Fisheries conservation and protection
  • Supporting ocean science
  • Maritime security and EEZ patrol
  • Responding to emergency situations and natural disasters

Other missions are easily catered to through the allocation of ample deadweight and working areas along with the integration of modular payload and flexible mission delivery systems.