VARD 9 601

Type:Aid to Navigation
Class:Multi-Role Buoy Tender
Design:VARD 9 601

The VARD 9 601 is designed as a capable, safe and robust multi-role buoy tending vessel.  It has a main deck configured to accept modular type mission equipment, over the side and over the stern handling with an A frame and 30T heave compensated crane, and two smaller support cranes. Excellent seakeeping from a hull form tailored to regional operating areas are complemented by bilge keels and a stability tank for maximum crew comfort.  With exceptional 360 degree bridge visibility over the working deck aft and helideck forward, in addition to CAC3 and MLC 2006 compliant accommodation, the platform provides safety, efficiency and comfort to all crew on board.  An IMO Tier III, DP2 configured propulsion system combined with a hybrid power setup creates an operationally and environmentally efficient vessel, taking full advantage of varying load demand scenarios while providing sufficient capacity for maintenance to be undertaken while underway.