White Papers

OTC-23445-PP LNG Fueled Offshore Support Vessels In The Americas

“Prediction of Warship Manoeuvering Coefficients using CFD”


Verification and validation has been completed for the use of computational fluid dynamics as a practical means of simulating captive manoeuvring model tests. Verification includes spatial and temporal refinement studies. Direct validation includes the comparison of individual steady drift and planar motion mechanism simulations to physical model test data. Rotating arm simulations are validated indirectly on the basis of manoeuvring derivatives developed from the PMM tests. The merits of steady and unsteady simulations are discussed.

Oldfield, C., M. Moradi Larmaei, A. Kendrick, and K. McTaggart, “Prediction of Warship Manoeuvring Coefficients using CFD,” SNAME World Marine Technology Conference, Providence, Rhode Island, November 2015.

OTC-27772-MS – Cost Effective Offshore Concepts – Compact Semi-Submersible – A New Concept of Windfarm Service Operations Vessel