​Building New Client Capabilities Case Study

The need

Nico International, a leading marine company operating in the Arabian Gulf, recognised a market opportunity to introduce a shallow draft Anchor Handling Towing Supply vessel into their fleet. This new venture would expand Nico’s marine and industrial repair services, while developing their shipbuilding capabilities at their new facility in Abu Dhabi.

Nico retained Vard Marine to provide both basic design and production engineering services.

The challenge

This was the first vessel to be constructed at the company’s new plant. However, the site had been developed for assembly rather than construction and as such had minimal production facilities.

Recognising the lack of skilled and experienced shipbuilding management and labour in the region, Nico opted to have all steel cut and formed and all piping systems spooled in Europe, then shipped by container to the UAE for assembly.

Vard Marine’s solution

Vard Marine went beyond the role of vessel designer to act as advisor, working closely with the newly formed project team to guide and assist in production planning, procurement and construction phases. Members of our team frequently attended onsite meetings in Abu Dhabi, while other team members collaborated with the steel cutting facility in the Netherlands.

The results

Vard Marine’s collaborative, tailored approach supported Nico International in mastering a new set of shipbuilding skills and acquiring a vessel that gives them a competitive edge, while enhancing the UAE’s domestic shipbuilding industry.