Concept Design

With our wealth of engineering techniques, advanced analysis tools and extensive database of past vessel designs, Vard Marine can efficiently generate a fresh starting point for your design, or begin from a proven hull form.

Our design philosophy

Our dedicated concept development team pulls together data from market studies, develops a deep understanding of our client’s needs, harnesses our mastery of technological advancements and our knowledge of the latest rules and shipbuilding practices to generate cutting-edge solutions for complex and multi-mission needs.

Concept design of VARD 4 106 windfarm service operations vessel

The client advantage

Morever, Vard Marine’s proven designs and full- and model-scale ship-testing databases allow us to home in on a starting platform. From there, we tailor the design to engineer the exact vessel our client needs for their purpose.

Vard Marine’s design process

concept designs of VARD 9 510-5k and VARD 9 519-52k LNG bunker vessels
concept design of the VARD 7 110 US Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Cutter in water
Concept design of Auxiliary Support Vessel for multiPurpose logistics VARD 7 313

First, to define the basic envelope, we use in-house tools developed specifically for vessel costing, parametric scaling, weight estimating, resistance, powering and space requirements. Next, we incorporate client specifics on relevant rules, equipment and systems to generate a first-cut solution. Then, the design spiral continues. This includes iterations, client feedback sessions, internal and external expert opinions and reviews until we find the final fit-for-purpose solution. Drawings, reports, studies and analyses come together to generate 3D visualisations for internal and external sales efforts and client approval.

To assess environmental impact requirements for many government and offshore commercial clients, we may first develop an operational strategy to fully understand their needs. Often this process reveals critical information that was not initially given a high priority. This strategic, collaborative approach to the concept process ultimately leads to a final design. Although it may be different from the owner’s original vision, it will best meet their requirements and operations profile.

From paper sketches and two-dimensional arrangements to fully developed three-dimensional models and fly-by animations, Vard Marine takes the most relevant approach to meet a client’s needs for a new vessel or modifications to an existing asset. Depending on the level of detail required, arrangements are developed and built up in layers of ever-increasing detail, until the spacial validation exercise is complete.

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