Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI)


Efficiency calculations are imminently required to maintain certification.

The IMO EEXI regulations came into force on November 1st, 2022. Compliance with the regulations – after applying remedial measures if required – need to be demonstrated at the first scheduled survey in 2023.

What does this mean for you? The impact of IMO’s new EEXI regulations ranges from a quick approval to detailed calculations and refits. It tends to be more onerous for less efficient ships, and for ships with little supporting data like sea trials reports. This contributes towards IMO’s targeted approach to reducing the carbon intensity of international shipping.

EEXI applies to most international commercial ships of 400 gross tonnage and above with conventional propulsion, with some exceptions and special cases. For example, EEXI applies to the following ship types:

  • Bulk carriers
  • Gas carriers
  • Tankers
  • Container ships
  • General cargo ships
  • Refrigerated cargo carriers
  • Combination carriers
  • LNG carriers (with conventional or non-conventional propulsion)
  • RO-RO cargo ships
  • RO-RO passenger ships
  • Cruise passenger ships (with non-conventional propulsion)
container ship and tanker
EEXI - Our Steps to Compliance
Our Steps to Compliance

Our steps to compliance:

1. Engage an Expert and Collect Data

VARD experts can help you understand how the regulations apply to your vessel, and what data will be required or helpful. Some examples include:

  • Particulars of the vessel
  • Hydrostatic data
  •  Main propulsion system technical data (engine data, emissions data, fuel consumption data, etc.)
  • Power Take-Off/Power Take-In Motor/Generator data
  • Electrical Load Analysis (ELA) or house load operational data
  • Model test or sea trials reports

2. Simple Calculations

The regulations allow simplified calculations to be completed using IMO’s industry-averaged curves or – if they are near enough to the calculated EEXI condition – available sea trials or model test data. VARD can complete these and determine whether the result is good enough to enable you to skip to step 5.

3. Detailed Calculations

Using IMO’s industry-averaged curves, above, includes a speed penalty of up to 5% (roughly 15% power penalty). Often, more detailed propulsion calculations can demonstrate that ships perform better than this, eliminating the need for remedial measures. Sea trials or model tests are possible alternatives, but these are more costly than a calculation approach.

VARD has extensive experience with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) of ships, with application to a wide variety of ship types including advanced hulls and more complicated problems like manoeuvring. Our CFD team can provide reliable numerical calculations to accurately demonstrate how efficient your ship is. As required by IACS, calibrated predictions will be completed including repeat simulations of your ship or similar ship(s) in conditions for which trials or model test data is available. In many cases, this will yield a compliant result, allowing you to skip to step 5.

4. Plan Improvements

If the steps above do not yield a compliant result, VARD can help you asses the options for improving the energy efficiency of your ship. Sailing slower is the most basic approach to this and is achieved by installing an overridable engine power limiter – a simple device that prevents the engine power from exceeding allowable limits except in emergencies. Alternately, various technologies can be considered to make more nuanced efficiency improvements that mitigate the need for speed reductions. VARD can support you in ensuring improvement plans are tailored to your needs and will have proven effectiveness.

5. EEXI Technical File

After supporting you through the regulatory assessment, VARD can prepare the EEXI technical file and supporting report(s). Our talented and experienced team will produce high-quality work and documentation to expedite your approval process.

Impact of EEXI on ship performance (Example)

Impact of EEXI on Ship Performance

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