Offshore Supply Vessels – VARD 1 SERIES

OSV Offshore Supply Vessel Dwight Ramsay

Platform Supply Vessels

Vard Marine has a comprehensive design portfolio of Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) capable of transporting cargo to and from offshore oil rigs and platforms as well as perform a variety of tasks to support offshore operations.  Recognizing that successful design is a collaborative effort, our PSV design philosophy is based on the following:

  • Work closely with shipyards, equipment suppliers, owners, charters, Administration, and classification societies
  • Maximize cargo capacity, provide superior transit operation & station-keeping capabilities, focus on safety & crew comfort
  • Continuously improve, integrate new technologies, and innovate with each successive design
  • Design and engineer our vessels, mindful of both new construction capital expenses and operational expenses

The acquisition of Vard Marine by Vard Group has permitted a transfer of shipbuilding and equipment technology that advances our ability to provide vessels well tailored to our clients’ needs and service markets anywhere in the world.

LNG HGIM Harvey Energy

HGIM Energy is the first Dual Fuel OSV in North America

Dual Fuel and Clean Design Supply Vessels

In 2011, Vard Marine developed and patented  the first US flag vessel capable of operating on Dual Fuel or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The first vessel of this series, the “Harvey Energy” has been successfully operating in the Gulf of Mexico since delivery in  2014. With the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier IV emission standards in effect and the development of the LNG infrastructure in the US, the advantage of a platform supply vessel operating on either LNG  or dual fuel is expected to grow. Vard Marine also has designs for LNG bunker barges and LNG refueling stations.