Seaspan Ferries Dual Fuel LNG

Dual Fuel Ferries for Seaspan


Vard Marine is a leading designer of RO-RO Ferries in North America and provides capabilities that cover all types and sizes. For the North American market, Vard Marine has designed several vessels for the British Columbia Ferry Corporation, Seaspan Ferries, Societe des Traversiers de Quebec, Alaska Marine Highway Systems, and the State of Maine.  The vessels range from a small open-decked cross-harbour  ferry to a 470 vehicle fully enclosed ferry designed to carry a large tractor-trailer load as well as passenger vehicles.


STQ Ferries Dual Fuel LNG

Dual Fuel Ferries for Province of Quebec

 LNG Ferries

Vard Marine has developed designs for multiple liquified natural gas (LNG) powered ferries, two of which are contracted for construction.  Vard Marine has assisted in developing the regulatory framework for LNG as a marine fuel in both Canada and the United States and has worked successfully with multiple different class-societies.  When complete, the LNG ferries will constitute some of the first dual-fuel vessels delivered in Canada.