Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship AOPS

Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship

Vard Marine has decades of experience with the design of icebreakers and ice-capable ships for operations in the Arctic, Antarctic, and many sub-polar areas of the world. Our extensive database includes full and model scale performance information on our own designs, vessels built by the Vard Group, and many other icebreakers. We conduct in-house and contract research into key aspects of these ship types, including hull form, propulsion plant configurations, structural design, and winterization. Vard Marine has provided assistance to the development of the new IMO Polar Code, and continues to provide guidance to owners, operators and other stakeholders on how to implement regulatory requirements.

Vard Marine ensure that our designs reflect an in-depth understanding of the owner’s requirements and priorities, while focusing on providing safety, efficiency, environmental protection, and crew comfort.

Polar Icebreaker CCG 'John G. Diefenbaker'

CCG Polar Icebreaker

The VARD 9 206 is a Polar Icebreaker designed to be the flagship vessel for the Canadian Coast Guard, with a multi-mission capability. The ship can break up to 2.5m of level ice, and has excellent manoeuvrability in even heavy ice conditions. Ship systems are designed to provide very high levels of operational availability by design and through equipment selection. The mission systems are configured to allow for operations in extreme weather conditions while minimizing crew and mission personnel exposure. Vard Marine worked with the designated shipyard for this project to include numerous design for production features.

The VARD 7 100i was developed as the basis for the Royal Canadian Navy’s new fleet of Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships. This design balances icegoing and open-water performance requirements to fulfill the Navy’s missions around the world’s longest coastline.

OSV Ice Strengthen Harvey Spirit

Offshore Support Vessel – ‘Harvey Spirit’


The VARD 1 280 is an Arctic capable offshore supply vessel (OSV), designed to meet the needs of the next generation of frontier oil and gas development projects in a cost-effective development of our popular “standard” OSVs.

Vard Marine’s ice strengthened vessel portfolio to icebreakers, but covers many other vessel types including:

  • Research vessels
  • Offshore Supply Vessels
  • RoRo/RoPax Ferries
  • Offshore Patrol Vessels
  • Bulk Carriers
  • Oil Tankers
  • General Cargo