Specialized Designs


Floating Power Plant FPPVard Marine, is one of the world’s leading designers of floating power plants. Our design and construction experience has permitted the development of an efficient, economic, highly mobile power plant design which can be easily produced, operated and maintained.

Each Vard Marine design is developed to meet the owner’s specific operational requirements and the regional environmental conditions.

Vard Marine power plant designs currently utilize medium speed diesel engines capable of H.F.O. marine diesel or natural gas operation, as the prime mover for power plants and are developed for up to 142 MW capacity.

To serve the market for power plants in excess of 150 MW, Vard Marine also has concepts developed for gas turbine simple and combined cycle plants.

Vard Marine can tailor most land-based process plants to a floating application where there is a requirement to do so; examples could be municipal waste disposal (incinerator) plants, pulp mills and desalination plants.