Computational Fluid Dynamics

Vard Marine is on the cutting edge of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) use in the marine industry for a wide range of fluid flows including:

  • CFDShip hull resistance and powering calculations
  • Hull form optimization and appendage alignment
  • Determination of ship manoeuvring coefficients
  • Determination of wind and current forces on ships and offshore structures
  • Analysis of exhaust flows
  • Analysis of machinery space ventilation
  • Flight deck turbulence calculations
  • Tank sloshing loads calculations
  • LNG tank cooldown analysis
  • Frequency and time domain seakeeping simulations
  • Determination of wave loads
  • Mooring analysis

CFDVard Marine uses the state-of-the-art commercial CFD code Star CCM+ for CFD calculations. The code has been validated against numerous model test results and proven to be very accurate and reliable for marine hydrodynamics and aerodynamics problems.

Vard Marine has a team of CFD specialists that have used Star CCM+ for over 14 years and have a combined experience in analysing marine related problems of over 40 years. Vard Marine solves CFD problems using on our dedicated in-house multiprocessor CFD computer or utilizes large parallel CPU cloud computing services for rapid processing of results.