Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a universally known structural analysis tool in use today for the design of complex structures. Vard Marine offers professional structural analysis using FEA, allowing an optimized, cost-effective design to be achieved efficiently and accurately.

Finite Element Analysis VancouverApplications of FEA at Vard Marine include:

  • Linear static analysis (stress & deformation)
  • Modal analysis (natural frequencies)
  • Thermal expansion analysis
  • Non-linear analysis
    • Material non-linearity
    • Boundary non-linearity
    • Large displacement
    • Plastic collapse

Finite element Analysis VancouverVard Marine uses NXNastran FEA software from Seimens PLM Software, together with Femap for the creation of FE models as well as post processing. LS-DYNA is used for plastic analysis.

FEA may be used in all phases of design, from conceptual design phases to detail function design, where problems are difficult to solve by classical methods. An FEA analysis report, covering all aspects of the analysis, can be issued on the request of the client and/or submitted to Class Society for approval.

Vard Marine employs an experienced team of individuals with more than 40 years of FEA experience when combined. With the advanced FEA software packages available to Vard Marine, global or/and local models can be created efficiently without compromising quality. Vard Marine also has an extensive suite of in-house programs developed using FEMAP API programming capability. These programs not only allow Vard Marine to automate and speed up construction, loading (such as apply CFD loads to models) and reporting, but also to carry out further assessments such as buckling and “hot-spot fatigue”.

Vard Marine regularly carries out a wide range of FEA modeling from global models of large ships and offshore vessels to detailed local models to evaluate stresses and fatigue.