Concept Studies

In order to produce a cost efficient design, critical decisions need to be made when the specifications for the ship are developed.

Vard Marine provides clients with optimal design solutions in the early stages of a project that will result in saving time and capital at the detailed design and construction phases. Vard Marine uses two proprietary software tools (SEAKEY and TEC) to develop concept level designs and to carry-out economic feasibility studies of ship concepts.

SEAKEY is a ship concept design developed tool based on VARD’s extensive database of design knowledge collected at our shipyards. The program computes the main parameters for concept ship designs such as principal particulars, deck area allocation, volume allocation, weight estimates, and construction cost.

Total Economy Calculation (TEC) was developed to assist clients in analyzing the operational economics of proposed ship designs. The program calculates the revenue, operating costs, profit and cash flow for proposed ship operating scenarios.