Full Scale Trials

Services_fullscaletrials_image1Vard Marine is very experienced in conducting full scale sea trials of ships. These trials have been invaluable in understanding the performance of ships in their real life operating conditions.

Many types of sea trials have been conducted including: speed trials, maneuvering trials, seakeeping trials, equipment trials and ice-breaking trials.

During sea trials, Vard Marine often records DGPS data from the on-board navigation system. This data can later be plotted to analyze the vessel’s maneuvering characteristics. Other vessel parameters can also be measured during sea trials including: vessel motions, vessel accelerations, engine/propeller rpm, shaft power, and rudder/Z-drive angle.

Services_fullscaletrials_image2In addition to sea trials, Vard Marine is experienced in conducting a wide variety of on-board measurements including: shaft alignment, hull stresses, vibration levels, vibration modal analysis, shaft torques, noise levels and exhaust emissions.