Vard Marine provides accurate 3D models of its designs as well as photo realistic color renderings.

3D modeling is used extensively for hull design, piping, structural analysis, outfit and product visualization. 3D renderings are invaluable in assisting clients to visualize the final product early on in the design stage. Animated walk-throughs and flyby’s, provide a realistic interpretation of the future ship to our client.

Potential problems such as clashes, obstacles along the line of sight, etc., can easily be detected using an electronic three dimensional model, avoiding future costly modifications or repairs. Vard Marine also uses 3D modeling and visualization for wheelhouse and accommodation layouts, material selection, operational environments, etc.

The following are some examples of current and past projects:

  • Patrol / Research
  • Offshore Service
  • RO-RO / Container / LNG
  • Tankers
  • Landing Craft
  • Ferries
  • Self-propelled Barges
  • Piping Arrangements
  • Interior Arrangements
  • Animations