Renewable Vessels / Service Operations Vessels

As offshore windfarms are established further and further offshore, the logistics and crew transfers previously undertaken by small 15-25m Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) are being supplemented and replaced by larger Service Operations Vessels (SOVs).

Vard Marine’s recent SOV designs play an essential role in the support of these difficult and demanding operational scenarios. Incorporating the latest technology, design and innovation from the European SOV fleet, our tailored designs meet the upcoming North American and developing nations’ requirements. We provide economical SOV solutions without compromising operability, safety or comfort.

These SOVs offer solutions for the entire offshore renewables value chain including offshore wind, tidal and wave power. Particularly, windfarm support vessels have a high focus on efficient logistics, crew and technician comfort, operability and gangway connected uptime.

Generic rendering of VARD 4 106 windfarm service operations vessel
Generic rendering of VARD 4 07 windfarm service operations vessel


We know the offshore industries are ever changing – with a critical focus on performance and efficiency. In response, we've developed leading-edge technologies, ensuring our designs meet the needs of our clients and the evolving demands of the fast-paced offshore windfarm industry.

We partner with clients on designs suited to the unique demands of each mission. While working closely with shipyards, equipment suppliers, owners, charters and Classification Societies, we deliver practical, fit for purpose design solutions.

Generic rendering of VARD 4 19 windfarm service operations vessel


In addition to focussing on performance and low vessel motions tailored to suit operations, we have not lost sight of the practicalities and economical factors involved in building and servicing SOVs.

All of these vessels are developed with their environmental impact in mind.  The opportunity to incorporate industry-leading liquid natural gas (LNG)/diesel hybrid propulsion systems is ever present.

Hence, the outcome of Vard Marine’s tailored, cutting-edge approach is an efficient design that offers remarkable performance, lower construction expense and reduced operating costs over a vessel’s lifetime.


Moreover, once your design is complete, Vard Marine can provide support in following phases to ensure continuity. This includes onsite construction guidance right through performance validation at sea trials. Coupled with Vard Electro, we can fully support electrical integration; and we are always available to assist our clients through the regulatory process.