Platform Supply Vessels

Known for good reason as “the trucks of the sea,” our expansive design portfolio of platform supply vessels (PSVs) plays an essential role in the transport of cargo to and from offshore oil fields worldwide.

Vard Marine’s rugged PSVs are designed for maximum cargo capacity as well as superior transit operation and station-keeping capabilities. Yet we never lose sight of crew safety and comfort.

Platform Supply Vessel PSV VARD 1 300 HOS Bayou Hornbeck performing water salute
Offshore Support Vessel OSV VARD 1 260 Jean Pierre Laborde in water

We’re pioneers and partners

We know the offshore oil and gas industry is changing – with a critical focus on performance and efficiency. In response, we've developed leading-edge technologies, ensuring our designs meet the needs of our clients and the evolving demands of the restructured oil and gas industry.

However, some things don’t change – like Vard Marine’s collaborative, customized approach to our work. We partner with clients on designs suited to the unique demands of each mission. Working closely with shipyards, equipment suppliers, owners, charters and Classification Societies, we deliver practical, fit for purpose design solutions.

The client advantage

A key advantage of our PSV is the opportunity to incorporate industry-leading liquid natural gas (LNG)/diesel hybrid propulsion systems. When combined with Vard Electro – our sister company specializing in maritime electrical systems – our pioneering technologies and design pair the fuel efficiency of LNG with the flexibility to switch to diesel when needed, resulting in greatly reduced emissions.

Consequently, the outcome of Vard Marine’s tailored, cutting-edge approach is an efficient design that offers remarkable performance, lower construction expense and reduced operating costs over a vessel’s lifetime.

Platform Supply Vessel VARD 1 311 Harvey Energy aerial shot of bow view
Platform Supply Vessel (interior) switchboard and aerial stern view of Harvey Supporter VARD 1 300 sailing with waves

We don’t stop there

Moreover, once your design is complete, Vard Marine can provide support in following phases to ensure continuity. This includes onsite construction guidance right through performance validation at sea trials.

With Vard Electro, we can fully support electrical integration, and we are always available to assist our clients through the regulatory process.

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