Specialized Vessels

Vard Marine's extensive range of specialized vessels (Vard 9 Series) include icebreakers, research vessels, and floating power plants (FPPs). Our tailored approach ensures each design is suited to our clients' needs, whether breaking ice in the Arctic or undertaking geological and hydrographic survey missions.

Generic rendering of specialized vessel - VARD 9 206 polar icebreaker research vessel moving past ice and snowy mountains


Icebreakers and ice-capable ships are all about extremes. Their strength, their power, their missions and equipment – and above all the seas they operate in – are like nothing else on earth.

Rendering of specialized vessel - VARD 9 105 Hydrographic/Oceanographic Survey vessel for Southern African Shipyards in water


We’re proud of Vard’s Marine’s extensive and varied experience designing research vessels

GMR's specialized vessel - Tanir Bavi Floating Power Plant in transit on ship


Vard Marine is one of the world's leading designers of floating power plants (FPPs).