We’re proud of Vard’s Marine’s extensive and varied experience designing research vessels.

Over the years we’ve prepared more than 30 designs for funded programs that span the spectrum of research – from hydrographic, seismic and fisheries to meteorological and oceanographic exploration. Depending on the role, these vessels demand excellent sea-keeping, low noise characteristics and/or high manoeuvrability or station-keeping capabilities.

Vard Marine is up to the challenge.

Canadian Coast Guard CCGS Lenoard J Cowley fisheries patrol vessel in water moving past a port
VARD 9 105 HMS Echo (H87) and Enterprise (H88) Hydrographic/Oceanographic Survey Vessels in water
Rendering of VARD 9 105 Hydrographic/Oceanographic Survey vessel for Southern African Shipyards in water

Our design philosophy

From vessels designed to withstand the pressures and strain of ice-infested waters to those that adhere to ICES guidelines for noise mitigation, Vard Marine research vessel designs are always at the forefront of industry requirements and technological advancements.

Our first-hand experience is backed up by the extensive resources of our parent companies – VARD Group AS in Norway and Fincantieri in Italy – both acknowledged internationally as pre-eminent designers and builders of research vessels. With their comprehensive databases of proven designs to augment our own resources, Vard Marine can quickly assemble the optimal starting point for each engagement and efficiently tailor your design to your unique requirements.

The client advantage

The end result of Vard Marine's unique approach is a vessel that is not only perfectly fit for the type of research it will undertake and conditions it will operate in, but is buildable and affordable as well.

We don’t stop there

Once your design is complete, Vard Marine can provide support through succeeding phases to ensure continuity – from onsite construction guidance right through to performance validation at sea trials.

VARD 9 105 HMS Enterprise (H88) in water and rendering of VARD 9 109 CCGS Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel (OOSV) in calm waters
Canadian Coast Guard CCGS John P. Tully offshore oceanographic/research science vessel in calm waters

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