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Venturing into deeper and harsher waters. Meeting vital health, safety and environmental standards. Adapting to ever-increasing efficiency requirements. The rising challenges faced by today’s fleet of ocean-going vessels demand closer cooperation and stronger relationships than ever before among ship designers, ship builders and ship owners.

This is the arena where Vard Marine shines. Ships are the proud visible evidence of the relationships we’ve built over more than 30 years, with clients throughout North America and the world.

As a renowned naval architecture and marine engineering firm, Vard Marine focuses on the quality, reliability and long-term operability of the vessels we design. We believe ship design is about commitment, customization, and solving new challenges through cooperation, masterful engineering and cutting-edge technology. Our clients can count on the dedication and flexibility we bring to each engagement, no matter the vessel type or service you need.

With deep experience in concept development and ship design, our portfolio of proven products includes offshore supply vessels, offshore and coastal patrol vessels, ferries, icebreakers, compact semi-submersibles, research vessels, and other specialized vessels.

Our service offerings include:

  • all aspects of ship design and production technology
  • total equipment and service packages to support offshore and domestic shipbuilding activities
  • transportation, economic and technical feasibility studies
  • research and analytical investigations
  • model tests and full-scale trials.

Our tailored approach to ship design

Each of our designs is fit for purpose, whether your purpose is research in the high arctic, supplying the offshore oil industry, or patrolling coastal waters.

We target our approach to your needs, blending innovation with quality, efficiency and stability to produce our highly effective, tailor-made solutions.

Working with the Vard Marine team

The educational background and diverse practical experience of the staff at Vard make for dynamic teams ready to face any challenge. Our multidisciplinary approach marries mathematical theory and leading technologies with real-world practice – for solutions that are unique yet practical, efficient and economical.

We treat our clients as partners, meaning if we can find a better, faster, more cost-effective way to meet your requirements, we’ll speak up. We’re smart and innovative, we work lean and we’re passionate about the quality of our products.

Vard Marine's story

Vard Marine began in 1983 as Wartsila Arctic, with an office in Vancouver. Over the years we evolved through a series of acquisitions and mergers until we were purchased in 2014 by VARD Group AS in Norway.

Our relationship with VARD gives us access to their incomparable databases and complementary knowledge and expertise in shipbuilding and integration studies, which we’re able draw on for the benefit of our customers.

Vard Marine’s growth in the last decade has been strong and steady, serving a broad client base in both the commercial and military sectors. We’re fortunate to attract and retain a highly talented and experienced work force, whose growth has kept pace with the expansion of Vard Marine’s operations.

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Vard Marine’s values and mission

Our values lie at the heart of everything we do.


When Vard Marine designs an advanced offshore or specialised vessel we focus on quality, solid reliability and the long-term operation of the vessel. We take immense pride in our track record of quality products and services.


We care about the individual, the team, communities and society. Employees have the right to a safe workplace, communities have the right to a hazard-free environment, and we all have a duty to operate in an inclusive, environmentally conscientious manner.


Our goal is to fulfill our customer’s needs by delivering the best solution, on time and on budget. Customer satisfaction is the responsibility of each Vard Marine employee and we take our commitments seriously. The proof is in our ever-expanding roster of repeat customers.

In the end, it all comes down to Vard Marine’s mission.

Our mission

To be the ship designer of choice for sustainable, client-tailored solutions. 

We’re ISO certified

Vard Marine Inc. has been approved by DNV to the ISO 9001:2015 standard for naval architecture and marine engineering services.

Our environmental commitments

Vard Marine is committed to innovation and development in environmentally friendly ship design. With environmental responsibility in mind, we design vessels to ABS Enviro+ notations and strive to create the lowest emissions possible in our designs.

We’ve conducted research and development in many areas of ship design to reduce pollution, improve energy efficiency, and mitigate the risk of accidental release of pollutants.

Our clients for consulting work on environmental stewardship range from federal and provincial governments to environmental NGOs such as World Wildlife Fund Canada, Clear Seas and the Ocean Conservancy.

Open for business

We design for navies, coast guards, ferry fleets, government agencies, the offshore oil and gas industry and more, and we’re always seeking new challenges.

With our extensive track record delivering complex projects, we make an ideal partner for shipyards, design agencies and clients bidding on larger contracts.

If you have a design project in mind, we’d love to hear from you.

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