Compact Semi-submersibles

Vard Marine’s industry-leading compact semi-submersible (CSS) designs blend the superior motions of a semi-submersible with a compact platform to deliver unparalleled operability, flexibility and time on station.

When we set out to innovate the CSS, our goal was a cost-effective, stable platform with most of the capabilities of much larger vessels at a far lower cost. In addition, we wanted a design that could be built at shipyards around the world.

Our CSS designs feature a single full-length strut on each side that’s more capable and cost-effective than our nearest competitors.

With numerous vessels now in the water, enthusiastic feedback and repeat orders from satisfied clients, we’d say: mission accomplished.

Compact Semi Submersible Designs Vessel Olympia close-up of stern and cranes and Fit for Purpose spewing water
Compact Semi-Submersible Vessel Olympia view of stern and showing IMO 9650975 OLYMPIA VALLETTA

Vard Marine’s CSS design philosophy

Over our 30+ years in the marine engineering field, we’ve learned that each client’s context is unique, from the mission’s purpose to the sea conditions the vessel will encounter.

When you come to Vard Marine, we commit to creating the best CSS design to meet your special circumstances. That doesn’t mean the most expensive design – it simply means the right one.

The client advantage

It’s hard to be modest about our CSS designs, but that’s mostly because our clients love them, tell us, and order more.


  1. can’t get over the generous accommodations available on the CSS with no sacrifice of cargo-carrying capacity.
  2. tell us the vessels stay connected longer, improving uptime.
  3. appreciate that we can scale back the dynamic positioning level (DP-3) when they need a simpler version.

Above all, they love the flexibility of the platform configurations.

Treating our clients as partners

We view our clients as partners, working together on a customized platform design that will meet your requirements.

We start by learning all we can from you. This includes the purpose of the vessel, the conditions it will experience, the location it will operate in and the number of people required to work and live safely onboard.

Then we’ll assess your needs against designs of existing vessels to find the closest starting point, and customize the platform from there – an approach that can speed up delivery and keep costs down. If there’s no happy match, we'll start fresh with a new design tailored to your purpose.

Compact Semi-Submersible Vessel Olympia interior showing bridge
Compact Semi-Submersible Vessel Hallin in water and island in distance and close-up of Olympia's stern

We don’t stop there

Once we’ve designed a CSS for you, our deep understanding of your vessel makes us the ideal choice of designer if ever you want to modify the original structure.

We also make an excellent partner to analyze suitability for upcoming tenders, or to support your reclassification surveys.

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