Offshore Subsea Construction Vessels

Picture a construction site. Next, think of the equipment needed to build and maintain its complex structures. Then, put the site in the middle of the ocean. Now plunge it deep underwater. Finally freeze the water.

An impossible scenario? Vard Marine’s expertise designing vessels for subsea operations in hostile environments makes the impossible achievable every day.

With a focus on the offshore oil and gas industry, the offshore subsea construction vessels (OSCVs) we design provide remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and diving support, well stimulation and intervention, and warehousing or crew accommodations.

For site preparation, drilling or exploration in arctic regions we add in our extensive experience designing for ice-infested waters.

Offshore Subsea Construction Vessels OSCVs VARD 3 300 Harvey Gulf Deep-Sea, Sub-Sea, Skandi Acergy ROV
Offshore Construction Vessels (OCVs) VARD 3 310 Harvey Deep-Sea Multi-Purpose Support Vessel MPSV Offshore Support sailing past a port
close up of Offshore Construction Vessel (OCV) Harvey Deep-Sea crane while in water

The Vard Marine advantage

Our designs for offshore subsea construction vessels (OSCVs) are tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of each mission. For the complex demands of offshore oilfield construction, we strive to balance the demands of space, weight, workflow and cargo.

As a result, our vessel designs have features and capabilities that harmonize to produce a flexible, stable construction platform. Furthermore, our added emphasis on optimal workflow ensures better safety and higher crew effectiveness for all.

Our collaborative approach

We take a tailored, consultative approach to each design challenge, partnering with our clients and other stakeholders to reach the ideal solution.

An essential part of our design process for OSCVs is early consultation with key suppliers. Consequently, this ensures that all the equipment going into the design works well as a whole.

Offshore Construction Vessel (OCV) VARD 3 310 Harvey Deep-Sea Multi-Purpose Support Vessel MPSV sailing past a port

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