Vard Marine’s refit design service applies our customized approach to a vessel’s life-cycle upgrades, such as new equipment installations, facilities expansions or safety feature enhancements. The end result is a design that’s fit for purpose, achievable and affordable.

Our tailored approach

With every refit project we tailor our solution to the needs of the client and the starting condition of the vessel. We partner with you to define requirements and understand your constraints, whether it’s cost, timing, operability or safety. This customized approach ensures a final solution that's both achievable and cost-effective.

Ship refitting of the HOS Warland VARD 3 300 mechanical systems

The client advantage

Our teams have a wide range of experience with refit projects on many types of vessels. We also bring our comprehensive knowledge of the rules and regulations that apply to refit design.

This winning combination of skill, knowledge and experience ensures your refit will meet your goals, pass regulatory requirements and carry no hidden costs.

Ship refit of the HOS Warland VARD 3 300 side of vessel with scaffolding

Working for the right result

To home in on your refit design, we’ll work with you to learn about your vessel and the purpose of the modifications, and together we’ll develop requirements. We’ll then get to work analysing various options, comparing the feasibility and cost trade-offs of each.

Once the requirements and options phase is complete, we’ll carry out the design work. We submit final drawings to Classification Societies and regulatory bodies to ensure safety considerations aren’t compromised.

We don’t stop there

Once your refit is complete, Vard Marine can perform an inclining test on the ship to determine its stability – using stability calculations and weight estimates – and submit the findings to the regulatory body for final review.

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