3D Visual Engineering

Vard Marine provides accurate 3D models of our designs as well as photo-realistic colour renderings to assist with arrangements, workflows and digital design reviews. These models can additionally be used to generate early client marketing material.

Animated walkthroughs and flybys provide a realistic preview of the future ship and help to optimize equipment location, define maintenance envelopes and eliminate obstructions.

We also use 3D modeling and visualization for wheelhouse and accommodation layouts, material selection and operational environments.

3D visualization of garage inside the VARD 9 206 Candian Polar Icebreaker Diefenbaker
3d visualization of VARD 9 203 Chilean Navy Polar Icebreaker moving through ice-infested waters in the Antarctic

Our design goals

Being able to visualize the vessel before construction begins translates into cost savings, since potential problems such as clashes and obstacles along the line of sight can easily be detected and addressed while still at the design stage.

The end result is improved mission effectiveness, efficient construction and superior operability of your vessel.

The client advantage

3D Visual Engineering gives our clients the ability to participate more actively in the design of their vessel. Most importantly, it allows you to refine layout, improve functionality and advise on operability constraints.

You end up with a more mature construction-ready end-product, with the potential to save on production time and costs.

3d visual engineering of the VARD 9 206 Canadian Polar Icebreaker Diefenbaker in ice-infested waters

How the magic happens

Viewing 3D models and images doesn’t require specialized software or travel. You can, therefore, provide feedback and follow the progress of the design, all from the convenience of your own office.

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