Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels

Vard Marine designs anchor handling tug supply vessels (AHTS) capable of safe, effective and reliable operations in the world’s harshest marine environments.

Featuring highly flexible decks for heavy duty equipment and a propulsion system designed with powerful bollard pull, these impressive vessels are known for their seakeeping capabilities in rough or icy waters.

Whether they are carrying out anchor handling, towing or salvage, you will find our AHTS vessels on duty in the Arctic, Middle East, Eastern Canada, Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.

Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel AHTS VARD 2 270 Keith Cowan in water
Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel AHTS VARD 2 270 Keith Cowan
VARD bridge of ship

Vard Marine’s AHTS design philosophy

Many marine design firms have a standard list of designs, suggesting one that is similar to what you think you need.

We, on the other hand, take pride in Vard Marine’s more tailored approach. We’re flexible, innovative and practical. With decades of experience and an extensive portfolio, we can help define your requirements by assessing different options, with construction and regulatory considerations in mind. Our designs reflect each client’s unique needs, budget and schedule.

For AHTS vessels, our customized approach results in safer workflows, flexible deck designs for different equipment packages, enhanced seakeeping capabilities and optimized space both above and below deck.

Vard Marine’s unique value

Many of our AHTS vessels serve the offshore oil industry. Moreover, we pioneered hybrid technologies to prepare for the next wave of demand in this field, with clients benefitting from fuel savings and lower emissions.

Bow of the VARD 2 270 Keith Cowan Anchor Handler AHTS and Rem Gambler

We draw from decades of shipbuilding experience from our parent company in Norway – VARD Group AS to complement our own expertise.  Additionally, integrating with subsidiaries like Vard Electro allows us to incorporate electrical systems into our designs.

VARD 2 270 Keith Cowan Anchor Handler AHTS performing water salute

Working with Class Societies

We engage with Class Societies and regulatory bodies early in our design process to determine their requirements and outline plans. Inviting early and frequent input helps build consensus and reduces risk for our clients.

When the final design is submitted there are no surprises, and in turn, very few requests for re-work. As a result, projects reach the finish line on time and on budget.

We don’t stop there

Once the design is complete, Vard Marine can provide support through succeeding phases to ensure continuity. This ranges from onsite construction guidance right through to performance validation at sea trials.

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