Ship Model Testing

Ship model testing can protect shipowners and shipbuilders from costly – and preventable – mistakes.

It’s used to check systems and specs on a new design, assess midlife upgrades or renovations, determine the outside limits of a vessel’s capabilities, or troubleshoot problems.

Vard Marine’s teams have extensive experience planning and supervising ship model testing programs, including resistance, self-propulsion, seakeeping, manoeuvring, propeller cavitation, hydro-elastic structural loads and ice testing.

Our model test results have been extensively validated through full scale sea trials, proving their accuracy and reliability.

And we pride ourselves on our ability to translate the test results into human-speak, so you’ll have information you can understand and rely on during construction, inspections or operation.

Vard Marine’s testing philosophy

We don’t apply a “one size fits all” approach to ship model testing. Our programs range from single-system assessments, to fully detailed tests of an entire ship design.

We work with each client to build a testing program that will furnish exactly the information you need – no more and no less.

The client advantage

Ship model testing reduces risk in a way computer modelling, with lower fidelity to real-life conditions, can’t touch.

Vard Marine’s model testing program delivers peace of mind to ship owners and ship builders, ensuring the value of your investments is protected.

How we work

The model tests take place at one of our international network of testing facilities. Each facility has one or more specialized test basins where they use appropriately scaled wooden models to simulate seafaring conditions.

We’ve worked with most major test facilities around the world and can advise on the most appropriate location for your requirements.

We don’t stop there

Vard Marine also offers full scale sea trials. The results of ship model testing can be incorporated into a sea trials program, providing an even richer data set to draw from.

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