Full-Scale Trials

Full-scale sea trials demonstrate a ship’s performance under the extremes of real-life operating conditions. They test the limits of a vessel’s equipment and capabilities, and confirm whether a ship meets its specifications and fulfills requirements.

Vard Marine has a wealth of experience with full-scale sea trials at any stage of a vessel’s life, from new ships to mid-life modifications or troubleshooting issues on existing vessels.

VARD 7 085 HMNZS Wellington RNZN OPV on sea trials - aerial port side view
VARD 7 085 HMNZS Wellington RNZN OPV on sea trials - aerial bow view

Putting meaning to results

When it comes to the rigours of performing sea trials our deep expertise as naval architects sets Vard Marine apart. We have the knowledge and experience to put a ship through its paces, analyse the trial’s results, assess cost- and risk-based options and craft meaningful recommendations to meet our clients’ goals.

The client advantage

Our clients appreciate our thorough approach and insightful results. But what they really love is the peace of mind that comes from knowing their vessel lives up to the specifications and will be safe and reliable at sea.


So what exactly do we assess? We have exceptional experience in all types of sea trials including speed, maneouvring, seakeeping, equipment performance and ice-breaking.

We also measure vessel motions, vessel accelerations, engine/propeller rpm, shaft power, and rudder/Z-drive angle.

In addition to sea trials, we offer a wide variety of on-board measurements such as shaft alignment, hull stresses, vibration levels, vibration modal analysis, shaft torques, noise levels and emissions.

Six men manning the bridge of VARD 7 085 HMNZS Otago RNZN OPV on sea trials
NoCGV Svalbard (W303) Icebreaker/Offshore Patrol Vessel port side aft view moving through ice during full scale trials

We don’t stop there

Furthermore, one of our unique strengths is our ability to carry out full-scale sea trials in icy waters. Owing to Vard Marine’s extensive experience designing icebreakers, and our knowledge of how these specialized vessels operate worldwide, our analysis capabilities are second to none.

Another benefit of Vard Marine’s sea trials? The data can be used to display maneouvring characteristics in the wheelhouse. Vard Marine – taking care of details.

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