Risk Assessment

Vard Marine’s experienced engineers provide risk assessments and risk management for design and operations, addressing both client and regulatory requirements.

We apply underlying principles and first-hand experience to identify, prioritize, mitigate and monitor known and perceived risks at any stage in the risk management process.

Our risk philosophy

Risk assessment combines probabilities of occurrence and resulting consequences to analyze a design or operation and guide engineering or management decisions. Typically, assessments rely both on data and on subject matter experts’ judgement. Vard Marine uses proven risk assessment methodologies to reduce approval risks and allows you to proceed confidently from project inception.

The client advantage

You’ll get decades of personal and company experience brought to bear on your project. While Vard Marine specializes in alternative fuels, vessel electrification and ice operations, our risk assessment methodologies process can be applied to any project you may have.

We will propose procedures, policies, and the tools to use for risk management to support the project throughout the design process.

Risk management process
LNG gas dispersion analysis
LNG Bunkering
LNG bunkering | Photo credit: Seaspan Ferries Corporation

Every step of the way

We will conduct the HazID (Hazard Identification Study) and HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) workshops, perform dispersion analysis and safety zone assessments and prepare FMEAs. In addition, Vard Marine can provide innovative engineered solutions and operational procedures along with safety cases to meet your needs. Vard Marine will deliver the documentation needed to satisfy classification societies and flag authorities.

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