CSS- Fit For Purpose

Type:Compact Semi-Submersible
Class:Offshore Oil & Gas
Design:Fit for Purpose

The Fit For Purpose CSS is a multi-functional well-intervention, supply and light construction vessel. The primary features of the vessel are:

  • Deck cargo with a deck load capacity of 500T
  • 1200m3 Liquid mud/brine capacity & 2200m3 drill water capacity
  • Full complement of 199 (47 crew, 152 pax)
  • 1000m2 deck area rated to 5T/m2
  • 34.5m heave compensated gangway for platform crew transfer
  • The vessel is DP2 capable with a 150T crane
  • 8.9m x 7.9m moonpool on the working deck
  • 4 point 1000m cable mooring system
  • 12.8 T rated helideck