VARD 7 110 selected for USCG Offshore Patrol Cutter

Offshore Patrol Cutter VARD 7 110 Canadian Coast Guard rendering in perspective starboard view

Vard Marine is pleased to congratulate Eastern Shipbuilding Group and our team partners on being selected for the detailed design and construction phase for the US Coast Guard’s Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC) program.  We look forward to completing detailed development of the VARD 7 110 design that formed the basis for our successful bid and supporting Eastern Shipbuilding group in constructing high-quality vessels for the US Coast Guard.

Winning the OPC Detail Design and Construction contract is the culmination of an excellent relationship between Eastern Shipbuilding and Vard Marine that spans more than 15 years. During that period, we have partnered to deliver over 30 vessels completed to Eastern Shipbuilding’s superior standard of quality, on time and on budget. Drawing from Vard Marine’s extensive experience working with international navies and coast guards, the OPC design will use proven methods to meet or exceed reliability requirements, while employing new technologies and innovative solutions to address the Coast Guard’s stringent and demanding mission objectives.